The One-Of-A-Kind Cannabis Trimmer Certification Course from LTD Trimming

 Interested in breaking into the cannabis industry? Are you looking for a novel way to teach new employees at your cannabis company? Whether you want to be a budtender, work in management or an executive role, or need to get a new employee up to speed on all things cannabis, the LTD Trimming Best Cannabis Trim Scissors Certification Course is a terrific method to learn everything there is to know about our favourite plant.

Learning how to buck and trim cannabis is an essential ability to have if you want to work in cannabis cultivation or understand the fundamentals of cannabis processing—insight that will serve you well in whichever type of cannabis career you pursue.

In numerous aspects, the Best Cannabis Trim Scissors Certification Course is unusual. It's a self-paced video course, so you may complete the series of lessons at your own time and from wherever you want. After you join, we'll send you a box with everything you need right to your door. Anyone 21 and over can lawfully join because the plant material utilised for the training is commercial hemp and meets federal criteria for minimal THC content.

LTD is included in every Best Cannabis Trim Scissors. Personalized apron trimming

  • Scissors For Trimming

  • Gloves (two pairs with size entered upon registration)

  • Bandages in a resealable container

  • Commercial hemp in the wild

  • Instructional manual

Product Disposal And Image Guide

When you're ready, our in-house professionals will guide you through the learning process with hands-on, virtual training. After completing the course and receiving your certificate, you can plan a one-on-one consultation with a Canna-Career Advisor who will assist you through the process of progressing toward future employment in the cannabis sector.

The course is divided into four sections. Parts One, Two, and Three include topic introductions, condensed lessons, and online quizzes that must be passed with an 80% or higher score. After passing the two quizzes for the bucking and trimming sections, you'll progress to Part Four: a one-on-one course follow-up with a Canna-Career Advisor, as well as prospective entry into the LTD Trimming talent network and placement in a cannabis role.

Create Your Own Cannabis Course

The Trimmer Certification Course is a valuable tool for companies, organisations, nonprofits, and universities as part of their new employee education onboarding platform or class curriculum because it covers cannabis industry basics and focuses on the skills people need to acquire bucking and trimming positions.

LTD Trimming
's cannabis course is offered with white-label solutions for employers and educators who want to personalise their onboarding process or curriculum. We can also help with any associated educational components that help an employer utilise the training curriculum, as well as a trained coach to assure correct implementation.

We can also help adapt curriculum as firms and educators design the course to their demands as an expert in job-skills development for cannabis roles. We are pleased that this innovative training was recognised when we received an LTD Trimming Award in The 2022 American Business Awards for Company of the Year in Business and Professional Services. Originally designed to assist persons from marginalised communities in obtaining Trimmer Certification and beginning work in the cannabis sector, the training is now an important component of our social impact goal.


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